Tender Than My Heart/Geeta Tripathy

Translation: braZesh

Your crystal blue sky
poured over my heart
like a serene night
soothing and moonlit

Tender than my feeling
quiter than my nature
your green pastures
proudly it peeks
with the snow peaks
matching the stature of my belief

I wish to capture
your century of feelings
woven with compassion
inside my eye lids
entwin them in my dreams
and in my entire life

Never had i seen a wrinkle
in your petite face
no matter
how deep I explored

Feel the pride
in your progeny
dedicated to harmony
bloomed with empathy

Where do I begin to feel you?
from white snow peaks
or lush green hills
or embracing sea waves
or dazzling heart of yours

A never ending queue
of your reflections
are spread across my horizon
and bundled inside my heart
trading my mid day sun
I ask for your keepsake
please quitely send me some
rays of your midnight sun

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