Painting of Nature/Ramesh Kshitij

translation: braZesh

Eon back-
sun received a souvenir
the finest masterpiece
ever made by nature

Glittering white mountains
and lakes so serene;
akin to eyes of philosophers
colorful trees and shrubs
racing mountain rivers
frolicking reindeers
carrying a tree of horns
gentle curves of roads
soaked in the shower of snowfall
ocean like a sleeping beauty

The gift was a painting
carved with the art of living

In the mind of ever roaming sun
trying to catch a wink in night
comes the glimpses of all
the painting received;vivid and bright
when everyone is engrossed
in tranquil sleep in mid night
the Norwegian sky opens its window
as the sun admires
the painting bestowed by nature
a quick content peek
before going to sleep

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