Album of Memory/Mani Lohani

Translation: braZesh

Open yourself up
at the end of your teen
paste your eyes in the horizon
and search
amongst the ships
floating in the north sea
for;one of ’em is
full with my love for you

Like a sweet bird’s chirping
and a sway like cloud gleaming
it has no definite meaning
but all of ’em are
full with my affection for you

Dwelling in the modern home in Oslo
you might find my feelings alien
it might be like
an ancient picture of a church
visible but vague to your eyes

Search deep in the nooks of yor heart
waves dancing like an eastern nymphet
eyes prancing like never content lover
effigy of stones in your yard
or the frozen one little far
are full of hues
of my love for you

Your deep moist blue eyes
like unfathomable color of sea
twigs covered with snow
or your youth
fluttring wings of the birds
showering the snow from the twigs
or the lad who abandons you
after a brief spell of passion
all are attached with my emotion
I will be content
with a small corner
in your memory

You might find it hard to imagine
a lot of love stories in my country
lie secured in an
album of memory


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