Norway, Impressions

Some renowned and some amateur poets of Nepal had been invited by Norwagian Embassy & shown visuals of the country. They penned their impressions in words for a book to be published.

I was approched to translate those poems in English. It was said to be a voluntary job as token of well wish for the Norwegian Embassy. I enjoyed the translations. But a small grudge remains with me till date. I would have been happier if the ambassador HE Tore Toreng, in his acknowledgement in the book, had remembered the translator amongst everyoene else.

After all a small thanks would not have cost anything.

One reply on “Norway, Impressions”

Brajesh Ji,

How true ‘small thanks would not have cost anything’, I fully agree with you. But I actually felt more sorry for the ambassador himself who didn’t even have that presence of mind (sense of attention to details), to include your hardwork and of course attention to details (which is the core-part anyway in any translation). I have been to Norway myself in the summer of 2002 and I loved the people and the natural beauty of the country, but this one somehow put me off.


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