Curriculum Vitae

Name    : braZesh Khanal
Date of Birth   : March 27, 1968
Nationality   : Nepali
Academic Qualification  : Bachelor of Arts (Journalism & English)
Permanent Address  : Lamju Galli, Buddhanagar, Kathmandu, Nepal
Telephone   : 98510-
E mail    :

Current Status:

Writing a fortnightly column “Bayan Fanko” (बायाँ फन्को) for Nepal national weekly magazine.

Professional Qualifications:

Association with International Television
 Anchored a few episodes of Zee TV network’s film based program ZHANDU FILMI BATEIN. (1997)
 Celebrity winner of ZEE Television’s close up Antaksharee in the special episode shot in Nepal.(1997)
 Lead actor in an Israeli TV serial “HAFUCH”. (1998)

 Script writing of around 70 Nepali celluloid feature films. (Vijay Parajay, Chot, Manakamana,   Sankalpa, Truck Driver, Nata, Mohani, Tuhuro, Radha Krishna, Gothalo, Paribhasha, Bhauju, Mahili, Seeta,   Gareeb, Neermaya, Karodpati, Milan, Bhishma Pratigya, Chunautee, Soltinee, Chhori Buhari, Sadak,   Jhajhalko, Sarangee, Apaharan, Nepali Babu, Badal Pari, Yudhha, Aashirwaad, Superstar, Ukalee Oralee,   Anuraag, Badal Paree etc.) Manakamana, Nata, Truck Driver, Gothalo, Mohani, Seeta, Nepali Babu & Gareeb and Ma Timi Bina Marihalchhu (released in 2009) were smash hits at the box office. Karodpati released in 1997 became the highest grosser ever- made in   Nepal and shattered every past record of Nepali film history. Keti Haraeko Suchana, Euta Manchheko Maya, Bazaar, Gambler and three untitled films are on floor as of 2010 June.

Television in Nepal:
 Lead actor of first Nepali TV serial Panchatantra. (1988)
 Script writing and acting in more than 50 TV films and serials. (Daijo, Aputali, Aankha, Afno Kamai, Tadha Ko  Bastee, Anuradha to name a few.)
 Writing, acting and direction of a mini comedy serial “Khabardar Nahasnuss”  and “Film Line” (for Nepal   Television)
 Presentation and direction of studio based humor program for Nepal Television.
 Conceived, presented and executed mega TV reality show Nepali Tara and Nepali Tara 2. (Nepal Television,   2005/6 and 2006/7)
 Programming Head, Neelbarahi Films, a private television program production house and produced,   anchored programs like; Kya Jodi, Celebrity couple based talk show (Image Channel) Bageena, musical   talent search (Image Channel) Kheloun Dohoree, musical entertainer on dohoree (Image Channel) 30   seconds, celebrity game show (Kantipur TV).
 Short -term consultant to Young Nepal Television (1997), Was responsible for the planning of the daily   programs for 17 hours.
 Direction and editing of almost seventy (70) music videos for various Nepali songs.
 Chief of Visual production Department of Music Nepal.  (2001-2003)
 92 episodes of writing, anchoring, editing and direction of a musical program “Music Magic” on Nepal
 Expertise in non linear editing with Adobe Premiere, graphics designing with Photoshop and other graphic   software. Conceived and maintained Music Nepal’s website.
 Short term consultant and Senior Program Producer for Sagarmatha Television, a private television station   of Nepal. (October 2007- January 2008)

Newspaper/Print Media
 Involved with weekly newspaper Samrakshan as a columnist/sub editor (1981-1985)
 Involved with Weekly Deshanter as a columnist. (1982) during this time, the exclusive interview with Acharya (late) Rajneesh (Osho) was one of the achievements to mention.

 Contributor, Urvashi film magazine. (1983-1984)
 Various articles, stories, humor published in Gorkhapatra, The Rising Nepal, Madhupark, Garima, Kantipur,  The Kathmandu Post and other newspapers and periodicals.
 Author of a novel in English, “The big shot and the beggar.” (under completion)

 In-charge of international marketing at Music Nepal, the largest music- publishing house of the country from  (1997-1998), while it was the sole licensee to the multinational companies like Magnasound, Polygram, HMV  plus Tips and Venus.
 Interviewed a lot of celebrities like Anup Jalota, Anu Malik, Shweta Shetty, Peenaz Masani, and above all  Acharya Rajneesh and Pundit Jasraj for radio and newspapers.
 In charge of Music Nepal FM from 1997 to 2000. Was responsible to design present programs and train the  script writers and presenters. Was able to get the franchise of then popular Zee Tv’s Close Up Antaksharee  to produce it for radio in Nepal.
 Training of scriptwriters and actors of Radio Lumbini for production of radio drama under consultancy of MS  Nepal, Denmark.

 Nepali to English translation of a novel by Indira Prasai, “Usko Logne Ra Biralo.” Also various other  translation works of periodicals, articles, scripts and speeches for National Geographic Channel and other multi national television,  Maiti Nepal, International Mountaineering  Association etc.
 Nepali to Hindi translation of Narayan Wagley’s Madan Award winning novel Palpasa Café.
 Nepali to English translation of Nepal’s leading poet’s works on their impression of Norway.
 English to Nepali translation of 2 children book by Jens Finksen, a renowned author of Denmark. Also  translation of his website in Nepali.

 Worked in credit administration, customer relation and marketing with Nepal Arab Bank Ltd. (1985-1989)
 Three Music albums, High Voltage Dance Collection (1997), Memory Lane (1998) and Mega Mix (1998)    released as a composer, singer and lyricist. Out of these Mega Mix became internationally recognized when  Dr. Paul D Greene, asst. professor/ethnomusicologist of Pennsylvania State University, USA included a song  DEUSEE REY from it for his research on Nepalese Traditional Music, resulting in articles, papers and book  on Nepali music worldwide.
 Attended various audio visual and literary issues related seminars / workshops and presented papers on  some of them.

 Moti Award for scoring the highest number in Nepali language in national level of proficiency certificate level  examination.(1984, Tribhuwan University, Nepal)
 Best Dialogue Writer for Tele film, APUTALI, 1985
 National Vision’s script writer of the year award,1995
 Best dialogue writer for celluloid film Gothalo,1995
 Abhiyan Best writer’s award for Gothalo,1995
 Special award for Karodpati, which became the highest grosser in Nepal. (1998)
 Special honor (Kajol Cine Honor) for the outstanding contribution to the Nepalese Film Industry. (1999)
 Manasarovar Cine Honor for the contribution to Nepalese Film Industry. (2000)
 Music Nepal Honor for the lyrics in highest selling pop album “Rehsam” (2002)
 Music Video of the year, folk, 2004 for “Kafal Gedi Kutukkai”


17 thoughts on “My CV

  1. hello brajesh ji..
    it’s nice to go through ur resume but could u pls.tell me that, how would u rate urself, a successful person or struggling person in current state..! b’coz u have done so many things..but ultimately what do u think of ur self..!!
    i would wait for your response at my gmail id:, if that’s possible.

  2. Muktakma BraZesh !!!

    Aaphainle aaphulai
    aaphule aaphailai
    bhetdai nabhetne
    Aaphnai basna
    thaha napayera
    Ke ho ke Khojirahane
    tyo mrigako naam ho
    braZesh !
    sandhai biujhiyeara pani
    nidayekojasto mahaabhinayama
    manishko naam ho
    Yes samajle
    chinnai nasakne
    athwa chinera pani
    nachineko jhai garne
    manisheko naam ho
    BraZesh !
    Sathi ho !
    Malai ta lagchha
    bhettiye jasto lagda lagdai pani
    harauna manparaune
    manishko naam ho
    BraZesh !!!
    pidama satera
    ramaune manishko naam ho
    BraZesh !!!

  3. Hi Brajesh jee, I’m one of your big fan. Particularly I am impressed on your acting and dialogue creation. You are one of mind-blowing actors. Wish you all the best in future too.

  4. आज mysansar ले मलाईपनि तपाईंको तिर डोर्यायो – धन हुनेलाई … मार्फत । सरर हेरें तपाईंको thought हरु राम्रो लाग्यो । हुन त तपाईंको लेखन, जसले relatively सानै उमेरमा नै राम्रो अनी प्रतिभाशाली पटकथाकारको नाम कमाएको थियो, राम्रो त हुने नै भयो ।
    नेपाली कला क्षेत्रका थोरै आदर्श व्यक्तित्व मध्य तपाईंपनि एक लाग्छ मलाई । अङ्रेजीमा पनि बहुतै राम्रो लेख्नुहुँदो रहेछ । तपाईं बहुआयामिक हुनुहुन्छ भन्ने पनि मलाई लाग्छ र तपाईं जस्ताले नेपाली कला जगतको लागि केही दिन सक्नु हुन्छ पनि । व्यक्तिगत रुपमा व्यस्त हुनुहोला तर मिडियामा नदेख्दा कहिलेकाँही हराउनु भये झैं लाग्छ ।

    तपाईंलाई नसुहाएको एउटा कुरा, तर मेरो दृष्‍टिकोणमा है, नेपाली तारा तपाईंले चलाएको चैं असुहाउँदो लाग्यो है, भलै तपाईंको प्रस्तुती आँफैमा राम्रो थियो । तर मुख्यत: सह-सन्चालिका सँग जोडी नमिलेको लाग्यो । कहाँ तपाईं अनी कहाँ उन्को व्यक्तित्व । माइन्ड नगर्नु होला – त्यसैले अली चिप जस्तो देखीएको जस्तो थियो है । भलै अन्य कुरामा, जस्तै: बिदेशी कार्यक्रम सँग दाँज्ने वा तामझामको कमिको कुरामा तपाईंको तर्कसँग सहमत छु ।

    जे होस् तपाईंको प्रगतीको कामना गर्छु, अझ उत्क्रिष्ट श्रीजनाहरु पस्किनु होला ।
    तपाईंको सुभेच्छुक

  5. Hi brajesh daju namaste ! Tapaiko lekh,rachana ,prastuti ko ta ma sano chhada dekhi kai fan thiye.aja mysansar marfat tapaiko blog ko dhoka ma aai vitra pasi aru ramaune mauka paye.tapailai happy new year.ani thanks mysansar

  6. i want yayabar online… i know it is a nice comeback… I always thought a novel is what you should have published

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