Wishing for a Hat-Trick

Recently I have signed to write a sequal of SAINO, a very popular Nepali movie made way back. In fact I was not even in the industry when it was made. It is considered to be one of the classics made in Nepal. Ugyen, the director of SAINO is directing the sequal too. He was apprehensive whether audience would still relate to a film made almost two decades back. I found that people still remembered and loved the film. So the project has kicked off and I am finding it very challenging to create a gripping story which will take off from where SAINO ended.

I have recently completed writing two movies. One is called “Keti Haraeko Suchana”, to be produced by Sunil K Thapa, directed by Daya Ram Dahal with Jharana Thapa in the title role. It is a very unconventional yet commercially safe subject. I had the subject in my mind from a long time. As a writer I am very optimistic about the film. The other one is to be made by Bhuwan KC after super successful “Ma Timi Bina Marihalchhu.” It has not been named yet. I believe that Bhuwan KC, being an expert maker and equally good promoter, will pull it off again. Our previous association has been fruitful and we have a chain of hits from “Karodpati,”  to “Nepali Babu.”

Coming back to SAINO-2, I know it will be a mentally stimulating project with Ugyen in the director’s seat. He can push me to the extent of my creativity and though exhausting, it is always  creatively satisfying experience to work with him. “Nepali Babu” and “Badal Paree” days are still fresh in my mind. Right now, I am keeping my fingers crossed for a Hat-Trick with these three movies.


2 thoughts on “Wishing for a Hat-Trick

  1. All the best for it. I remember watching saino with my mother. It was truly wonderful. ‘Amaile bhanthe dharako pani’ is the song i still sing for my son. I wish you all the best. I have watched ‘karodpati’ and ‘Nepali babu’ they both were superb.

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