Thirsty Capital

Every morning I see a long queue of gallons and containers tied with ropes in front of a public water reservoir. I wonder what are we going to do in a couple of years. The drinking water resources around Kathmandu valley have almost dried. With growing population in the valley and with deep boring plants of various power, ground water is also almost consumed. On top of that multi storied apartments coming up and each of them boasting of 24 hours supply of water, its an alarming sign of even more difficult times coming up.



The capital is becoming thirstier every day. Where are we heading? I fear that the capital might be a dead city in coming years. Its not only the water but also lack of proper sanitation, roads and ill management of solid waste. God forbidden if there is an epidemic, natural disaster like earthquake or fire, what will happen. Why no one is least bothered or concerned about it?


2 thoughts on “Thirsty Capital

  1. Indeed Brazesh, what you’ve expressed is very dark aspect of the life in Kathmandu. Since the politicos are just fighting for nothing, the bureaucrats have become like bodies without head. I sometime wonder how the country is running. Thankfully, it’s running. Fingers crossed, it will not stop.

  2. The root cause is overpopulation. Unless rampant migration towards KTM is controlled (stopped if possible) this problem will continue no matter how many Melamchi or whatever come.

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