Why the hell can’t we follow any rules?

Yesterday, while going home from work, we were stuck in the traffic for almost an hour. Due to some demonstrations at New Baneshwor area, everything was in complete chaos. The road from Maitighar to Tinkune was jam packed with vehicles. Everyone seemed to be doing what they wanted. Buses, trucks, micro vans, small cars, big cars, motorcycles and even tractors from both the sides were trying to violate the lane descipline. This had resulted in an impossible situation. Few traffic cops were having a tough time to steer away the vehicles. Everyone suffered. Later, some friends revealed that I was lucky to be there for a “mere 45 minutes.” Some, as they said, were stuck for more than 2 hours.

If only the drivers would stick to their lanes and wait for a few seconds, almost ninety percent of the traffic problem would be solved.  But we seem to be in such a hurry that we do not even care for ambulances. It made me think why we can’t follow the rules? Traffic rules should be strictly followed and I think the penalty for violating rules should be more severe. As such the roads are getting more and more congested and the icing in the cake is the mentality of drivers. Those who drive vehicles worth millions of rupees do not have civiv sense worth even a two penny.

One such taxi driver coming in totally wrong side, upon being questioned had told me, “This is Nepal. You can drive however you like sir.” Another crazy example is of a motorcyclist, again coming totally on my lane from oposite direction. My vehicle was stopped in proper side. He was coming in a wrong lane and hit my bumper. Before I could say anything he clenched his fists at me and cursed. If I am even an average lip reader, I could make out he was abusing me with a word which I should not mention here.

I have asked the question to myself several times,
“Why the hell can’t we follow any rules?”


One thought on “Why the hell can’t we follow any rules?

  1. majority are non-sense people residing in our country. people’s mentality cannot be changed by implementing strong laws until and unless they have the feeling that they are doing wrong. So I think we should make them feel their mistakes. But how ? its a big question. Difficult to teach the sheeps !!!!

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