Timi Sandhai Hansi Rakha Na Hai?

“Timi Sandhai Hansi Rakha Na Hai?”
(Be happy and smiling forever)
A friend sent this sms to me. It made me think. We all want to be happy and smiling forever. Who wants to be sad and gloomy? But there are so many factors in life which restricts us from smiling and being happy. Its a part of the game, no matter you like it or not.

I tried to understand the feeling of that friend. It was just a small sentence but it had all the well wish and prayer behind it. What do one need to be happy and smiling forever? A peaceful state of mind, harmonious realtionship with those who matter in your life, acceptance and  success in whatever you are doing to a certain extent. These are some of the basic aspects which makes you happy. Apart from that, stable condition of the country, secure atmosphere, reasons to be optimistic about your children’s future, and no scarcity of basic commodities in the market such as fuel; These all make you smile. 

We are facing eight hours loadshedding. One third of our day is without light. Being without light means staying with darkness. Darkness makes you gloomy. Darkness in negative, it is what human kind has tried to fight against since long time. We do not know when we will be relieved from this darkness in this 21st century.

So that one sentence was a prayer may all these happen. Then only I can smile and be happy always. I am grateful for that wish. I will definitely hope I can smile and be happy. I will try……Yes I will and I will hope. I will keep on trying to be an optimist which I was. I will…….my friend!